Audi A7 2018 Тест Драйв — Очень близко к идеалу

Audi A7 2018 Тест Драйв - Очень близко к идеалу Новые тест драйвы

Обзор Ауди А7 2018 года с 3.0 V6 бензиновым двигателем 55 TFSI 340 лc. 500 Нм
Максимальная скорость 250 км/час
Разгон до 100 = 5.3 секунды
Топовая комплектация за 100 000 евро

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Базовая цена автомобиля 67,500 Евро

What do you expect from the car for 100 000 EUR?
— Design — so people around would brake the neck to look after your car
— Excellent quality of interior materials
— Quite, smooth, stable and able to bring adrenaline car while fast ride
Everything described above you would get with new Audi A7. Plus feelings that you are in the high tech car inside. People to whom you will give a ride — will be impressed.

Prices starts at 67,500. But it is Audi, where marketing department probably bigger than department which responsible for reliability. Person who got used to modern cars won’t buy base model where list of options is very poor. First of all standard 18 inch wheels — ugly, 20 inches for 2000 EUR — reasonable option.
So definitely needed S-Line package for nice exterior feature and interior around 4k. 3rd screen as option — obligatory. Highly recommended optional air suspension. 4 wheel steering — is not needed — as car with standard steering system extremely stable. Line assist and active cruise control is highly recommended as it is not only feature to impress your friends but might save your life and makes trips more enjoyable. Music for 1200 EUR — good one, but not excelant. And the price is already around 80K. List of additional options on the website as long as bill after shopping with my wife. So it is very easy to get over 100K.

— A7 extremely stable, steering is sharp and responsive. Confidence in this Audi might play a bad joke with you as tires can’t handle that easy 1800 kg but you think so.
— Very silent — almost like electric car on low speed.
— comfy air suspention

And some minuses:
— 340 hp 500 Nm engine with 7 gear DSG is fast, silent and smooth — but test fuel consumption is 18 liters (average should be 6.8 according to the passport LoL) — for everyday driving it should be 10-12 liters.
— test car has only 2000 km on odometer — and dashboard plastic is already make some noises on the bad road.
— road clearance is very low around 12 cm. So had to be extremely careful with sidewalk while parking etc.

Who will buy this car — person who wants be surrounded by beauty, feels comfortable and enjoy the control under the car, have a sport ride when wanted, and carry friends with comfort for long distance trips — that’s all possible with new A7. I wasn’t paid for advertisement of A7 — really enjoyed the ride. And off cource for 100K it is should be one of the most beautiful and comfy cars.

I think that new Mercedes CLS won’t be so popular and BMW 6 Grand Coupe might be, as BMW always has some specific fans. Maserati Ghibli is another competitor — nice looking and unique, don’t think that technologically might compete with any of 3 German brands. And Porsche Panamera is in the next price division! My choise is Audi so far!

Video review is coming soon!

Be safe

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